DNA of Healing - EIP (Class 1)
Certification Course

The Eliminating Interference Patterning of DNA (EIP of DNA) course is an introduction to the fundamentals of self-healing. You will learn how to detect what is wrong and what the body needs and in what sequence it needs to be treated. Our bodies communication systems have been broken down due to feelings from limiting beliefs. There is a vibrational interference pattern attached to each limiting belief, causing negative, low vibrational emotions, which affect and distort your DNA. The EIP technique re-establishes communication between all the systems and parts of the body. Through the EIP technique, you will discover where the blocked energy is stored in the Physical Body, as well as the Subtle Bodies, and how to release that energy. At the conclusion of this course you will earn a Certification of Completion.
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DNA of Healing - Chakra EIP of DNA (Class 2)
Certification Course

If you have taken DNA of Healing - EIP (Class 1)this is the next class in the series. This class expands on the basic EIP process and takes it to a deeper level. Margaret Ruby taught this class and offered it as a Self-Study class. Stevi will present the class and provide the facilitation and guidance to facilitate integrating it into the process with ease and grace.
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DNA of Healing - Universal Relationships
(Class 3) Certification Course

The Universal Relationships course is designed to enrich any relationship (person, place or thing)through a process that will deepen the connection, understanding and empowerment between individuals.  It is a process that will empower and celebrate the uniqueness of each person.  This course provides techniques for letting go of limiting belief systems related to attachment, commitment, sacrifice, obligation and conflict. Click here for more information ›››

DNA of Healing - Ancient Secrets of Manifestation (Class 4) Certification Course

Each and every one of us is meant to be a powerful force for manifestation. However, most of us use only a small fraction of our brillance and power. We come into this world with the inborn knowledge of how to create and how to manifest, we dimply do not remember how to access this innate wisdom and we use only about 10 percent of our potential. This workshop is about how to access the other 90 percent of our latent capabilities so that we can creat abundance in all areas of our life. Click here for more information ›››

Clearing Curses & Negative Energy
with Stevi Belle

The starting point for Clearing Curses and Negative Energy is to track the energy and where it is located. In this class you will develop and understand the questions to ask and how to ask them so that you get a clear address for the location and type of energy that you are dealing with.  Then you will learn techniques and tools for clearing and eliminating the tracked energy.  The class will cover clearing from past, present, future, multiple dimensions and past lives.  It will clarify the different types of potential energies such as ancestral, thoughtforms, intentional, unintentional, karmic, disembodied spirits and more. Click here for more information ›››

The Beauty and Power of Despacho Ceremony...

Full Moon Despacho
The Despacho Ceremony
is one of the core practices of the healers of the Andes. Using prayers and ingredients to honor the elements and spirits a prayer bundle is created and then released in the process of healing. The despacho is used to heal ourselves, our community and our clients.

In this class we will explore this healing tradition and learn how to create ten different types of despachos. As a class we will create two depachos. One will be a Full Moon despacho and the second one will be a Personal/Contemporary despacho for what is up for you at the moment. Recipes and instructions for Ayni, Kutti, Full Moon, Apu, Pachamama, Flower, Aya, Blooming, Venta, Contemporary, Unwinding and Archetype despachos will be covered during the class.
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Past Life Repatterning

Stevi has worked with Past Life Regression and Repatterning for more than 30 years. Over the years she has realized that it is not enough to do a regression and find out about a past life. What she has done over her years of work is to understand and develop a protocol for tracking the past life, journeying back to it to see how it is related to the clients current experience and then re-pattern it so that the influence it has had is shifted. This allows for the impact on the clients current reality to shift and for the energy to be neutralized. It is helpful to have journeying experience to do this class. Click here for more information ›››

DNA Mastery Level Intensive & Initiation Certification Course

To be announced...Includes: holographic Healing, Rapid Healing and Putting it all Together (into your practice). Midway/Hever, Utah. Watch for more details.