Engage all your senses to access the voice and guidance of your soul... the guiding force for creating the map of your life.

Stevi works one-on-one with clients to assist them on their own paths of discovery using a system that she has synthesized from her years of experience and study. Her focus in her practice is to work at a level that allows her clients to shift energy and be empowered in the process and to do this as thoroughly as possible. It has been her experience that most modalities work by shifting one layer at a time....the 'onion layer' model. Stevi works with the intention of getting the most thorough signature for an issue that is available and then shifting the influence of the 'whole onion' if possible. Of course, the only work that can be done is the work that the client is ready to do and willing to let go of.
Stevi encourages all those that she works with to engage their journey from a holistic perspective...taking into account the energetic, mythic, symbolic, and literal worlds in their process. Working at the energetic releases the imprints, wounds, and traumas from the source...then it is important to bring that shift into all aspects of life by shifting the patterns, reactions, and responses that are habitual into a new healed map. In our world most of us react, respond and regret. After energetic work has been done there is an opportunity to retreat, reflect, and then respond from a responsible, centered and newly informed state...a place of transformation. This allows us to embrace our healed state...a state of wholeness...the Divine Oneness Within (DOW) in an entirely different manner.
In the process of working to clear the blocks and patterns that hold an individual any of the following processes and techniques could be applicable:

Stevi feels that in the changing world that we live in it is desirable to be able to do this work for yourself as well as to help others on their path. To help others do that she teaches several classes that share what she has learned and developed. The classes that she teaches are Despacho Ceremony; Path of Discovery: A personal healing journey through the Wheel of Life; Soul Mapping: Creating a Magical Life with your Soul’s Guidance; To Our Health: Dowsing for Yourself and Others; and Beyond the Basics: Taking Tracking and Clearing to a New Level.

Stevi currently lives in Heber, Utah. She offers her sessions over the phone and on occasion in person. For more information or to talk to Stevi regarding a session or to arrange a class email: stevi@shamansstore.com or call 435.654.5458.