Sacred Journeys

Imagine yourself sitting overlooking the valley below Machu Picchu...allowing your spirit to soar high into the skies above...taking a journey around the world...seeing and touching more than you can describe...and then your spirit is called back to your body and you take a deep breath and feel in all of your being that you have touched spirit in a way that you never imagined. An incredible experience to say the least.

Stevi feels it is an honor and privilege to be a guide for Sacred Journeys to places that inspire our soul's to shift awareness and frequency. Come journey not just to a place but to the energy and spirit of the place. Each journey includes ceremony, expanding awareness and knowledge, and connecting to the people and the traditions of the land. You will be transformed by what you see, you feel and what you experience. This is as much an inner journey as it is an outer journey. Be adventurous and come explore the world of the mystic and of magic.

Watch for a journey to Peru...