The Marketplace

The Shamans' Store began as a service to connect students to the tradition that they were studying. It has grown to be a marketplace where items that are used in Energy Healing and Shamanic practices can be found. In addition, you will find beautiful items from around the world to grace you life, your home and your healing space. Stevi loves to search out new and interesting if there is something that you are looking for let her know and she will let you know if she finds it.


WeaversA good number of the items that the Shamans' Store offers are unique one-of-a-kind works of art...each created by an artistan. Therefore availability is limited. Please keep this in mind when ordering. If by chance a piece has been purchased that you are desiring, we will notify you and appraise you of other pieces that are available that are similar. Due to the number of items that we keep in stock not all of them are featured on-line.

We add items on a regular basis so that the offerings are more complete. If you are looking for something in particular and do not see it...please contact us about what it is that you are looking for.