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April 2007
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Dear Spirit Journeyer

The path and vision of Spirit Essence Connection is to be a vehicle for sharing stimulating ideas, inspiring concepts and thought-provoking information that serve to enhance the overall well-being and consciousness of the community of healers and souls that are actively pursuing the highest possible evolution of human potential and transformation.

The constant in our world is change!
Stevi in blue

As seasons change, our lives change with them and our spirits either feel like flowing with that change or resisting matter how we feel, change will persist. We have just experienced the Spring Equinox which brings with it the balancing of the length of night and day, marking the end of Winter (in some traditions represented by the element water that is formless yet full of potential) ending the time of going within and being still within the cave and moving into the advent of Spring (the wood element that represents coming into form), a time of bursting out into the world. As the days become warmer and the light shines in what seems like a brighter and clearer way we feel our spirits awaken, stretching our stiff muscles and opening our eyes to the hope and promise of the growth, beauty and color that bursts forth from the earth, the skies and our souls.

This awakening from the darkness of winter brings questions. What did you learn during the months of hibernation? Did you have informative dreams during your sleep? Were there creative inspirations gestating? What is asking to come forward into the light? What new flowers are blooming in your soul? Is there new color and excitement in what you are doing? How can you bring the beauty of your soul to the world in a new way? What is old that needs to be let go of? Is there Spring cleaning to be done? Who are you wanting to become? Where are you wanting to go? What are you wanting to do? What seeds have you planted that need tending and nurturing so that you will see the harvest in the coming months? What adventures are calling you? What is your soul asking you to step into? What is spirit calling you to?

I have been asking myself these questions as I am sure that you have been. It seems that it is the natural place for us to be in at this time, not only in our personal lives but as the community of earth. The earth, our society, our nation and our world is experiencing these changes all at the same time, reminding us that we are not alone or separate. So, much is happening that is unseen, unknown and not understood. The questioning of our hearts and souls is very important for all of us. Clearing away what stands in our way of hearing clear and definitive answers is also very important.

In the search for answers I find myself always looking for the missing link. What will assist me in being a clearer vessel? What have I missed in my clearing process? What aspect of my being is still holding on? Is there an easier way? Over the years I have continued to find answers and missing links therefore giving me hope and inspiring me to persist in the search for answers. I am also inspired by all of the people like you that are on this path with me reminding me that I am never alone. I am also inspired by the continual support of Spirit.

Recently my search has led me to explore the world of DNA in a thorough manner. I have been reading several books and studying the processes related to the clearing of DNA. I did a bit of this many years ago and was aware of the importance of this work. What I have found interesting about what I have learned recently is how science is now engaged in the study of DNA related to memory and intention to the point it is now a field of study called “Epignentics”. Scientists are now recognizing that genes have a “memory” and that this memory can be switched “on” or “off” based on experience thereby influencing the person with the gene. They are also recognizing that intention can affect this genetic memory and influence. This new frontier in biology confirms what I already know, that there is so much that we don’t know and still have to learn.

I believe it is important that we share our experiences and our discoveries so that as a community we can work together. If you have found something that works for you and has improved your life and work I invite you to share that with your community by sharing it in the form of a short article that can be featured in this newsletter.

May your spirit spring forth into the blossoming of joy and brilliance that you are, as the colorful and magnificent days of Spring flow into the fire of Summer.

Love & Magic, Stevi

A Special Invitation from.....
Gail Larsen of Real Speaking
Gail Larsen

A special lunch invitation on for those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area: Gail Larsen of Santa Fe offers an excellent program called Real Speaking ( in which I and others in the shamanic community have participated. Real Speaking was recently held at Asilomar for the first time and will be on the Real Speaking calendar at least annually. Join Gail in Mill Valley for lunch, learn about the program, and connect with others who are using speaking to catalyze change.

Date: Friday, April 13, 2007 Time: 12:30-2:00 p.m. Location: Dipsea Café, 200 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley, CA (less than ten minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge!) 415- 381-0298 RSVP: Call Gail Larsen at 505-986- 8650 or e- mail:

Shamans' Store
Preparing for High Altitude Journeys
Altitude Tincture

Many of you are getting ready for journeys to Park City and Peru which are both at higher elevations than you live at. A dramatic change in altitude can affect our physical bodies in unexpected ways so it is important to be prepared and informed about the responses of the body to higher altitudes.

A mild response can be headache, nausea, fatigue, and light headedness. For more detailed information go to .

I have found it helpful to use several products so that the effects of altitude are minimized. One of those products is a tincture, Ginkgo-Gotu Kola Combination that is made by Iris Herbal. I have used this every time that I go to Peru....2 weeks prior to my trip and then the whole time I am traveling and it has made a hugh difference. This tincture helps to oxygenate your blood.

Another product that is helpful is P2R – The Ultimate Stress-Repair Formula by BioPro Technologies.Under certain conditions the body feels tired and requires a relatively long period of time to recover from stressful situations. P2R will help in a quicker recovery from physical exertion, travel (jet-lag), lack of sleep, and stress.

You can also use Cordyceps which are used by mountain climbers. These can be purchased at your local health food store. When I travel to high altitudes I take all three of these supplements with me.

It is helpful to minimize your intake of alcohol and caffeine while flying and when you arrive at your destination. If Coca tea (Mate de Coca) is available drink alot of it. It will help as well.

The store has both the Gingko-Gotu Kola tincture ($27.00 for a 2oz bottle) and the P2R ($30.00 per bottle) in stock and they should be on-line any day. If you don't find them please email me at .

Three Months at Sri Kaleshwar’s Soul University in Penukonda, India
by Cindy Lindsay Rael
Penukonda, India Ashram

Why is a shamanic healer and teacher spending 3 months in India in an ashram at Swami Kaleshwar’s Soul University? Because it works. Shamans are practical and the work I have done since 2000 with Swami Kaleshwar has increased my healing ability, connection to divine energy and life fulfillment more than any work with any teacher in any tradition. So when the chance came to spend 3 consecutive months in intense work with Swami Kaleshwar, I took it no matter what the sacrifices (money, time, healing practice, family etc).

So what is so special about this Swami? First of all, there is nothing like working with a Divine Master who can show you the short cuts to the divine powers. Without this help we wander in the wilderness and manage to pick a few berries. With the help of such a Divine Master we can go straight to the source. Swami Kaleshwar’s mission is to bring the information from the ancient palm leaf books and other Vedic texts to life in modern times and to put it into clear and direct approaches for his students (see his announcement of his upcoming book at Further, he is the only Swami I know of who is interested making masters rather than devotees. That is, his focus is making his students greater than himself.

What does all this entail? Well, when you prepare yourself to receive high energy, and overcome your “blocks” (negative emotions, patterns, wounds), and are open hearted, then Swami gives and gives and gives. This personal stance should sound vaguely shamanic to you (availability, impeccability and Munay). Thus a Shamanic background is a great help to make your self ready to receive.

In the Kaleshwar approach you prepare yourself through strictly following codes of behavior and diet (called ditcha) while doing a regimen of ancient divine prayers (mantras). Sometimes this prayer/meditation is difficult work done in the middle of the night or for long periods of time each day.

During this regimen your blocks surface. You have to be a warrior and meet each with impeccability, love and surrender to finish making yourself available. This is an intense purification. It can last a long time or a short time and be grueling or uplifting depending on how you meet it. However it never ends as long as you are in the body. So if you take the Swami method prepare to face yourself over and over again.

Then if you stand openhearted and without negativity or old patterns Swami offers incredible divine gifts of energy. What kind of divine gifts? Well Swami gives each student exactly what his/her soul needs to progress. However to give you some idea He is known for offering his students for the following:

  • Darshan (open eye seeing) of Mother Divine (the great womb creator energy) and other Divine personages including Jesus and Shirdi Sai Baba (to name a few)
  • Access to the energies of Divine personages and their miracle energies (example: Jesus channels, the practices Jesus did while in India)
  • Connection to Siddhic powers (example: Raising people from the dead, control over the elements and body and miracle energies of healing)
  • Connection to ancient yogic powers (examples, soul splitting, soul travel)
  • Strengthening Brahma Consciousness (the inner knowing that connects you to your soul self and is crucial for divine dreaming practices
  • And much more.

What did I get from spending 3 months in the presence and work with this Divine Master? Well part of the discipline (ditcha) is not to tell such things. Talking invites the destroyers of ego and the rebalancing of nature. So let me just say it was well worth all the sacrifice.

Electropollution ...
One of the BIGGEST New Stressors!
New BIOPRO Cell Chip

Day in and day out, you may be exposing yourself to more stress than you thought by simply using your Cell Phone, PDA or Bluetooth headset, etc. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from these devices has been linked to various stress-induced problems and illnesses and could very well be compromising your health and well being. As a leader in the field of bioenergetics, BIOPRO has introduced the BIOPRO Cell ChipTM, the most advanced dual action technology designed to significantly address this newest source of stress in our daily lives.

BIOPRO’s Cell Chip combines the benefits of two powerful, innovative and scientifically substantiated technologies: BIOPRO’s patented noise field nano- technology MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology), and its proprietary subtle energy innovation ERT (Energy Resonance Technology). Individually and collectively, these cutting-edge technologies offer a groundbreaking and effective way to deal with the cumulative stress associated with living in today’s electronic environment.

Put stress on hold today and enjoy the conveniences of modern life with the one-and-only BIOPRO Cell Chip.

Potential Benefits: • Groundbreaking dual action technology designed to help address one of the most significant sources of stress in your daily life • Convenient and affordable • Also works great on PDA’s and Bluetooth!

To learn more about the solutions to the problems go to

From Around the World: Connections to the Community
Sand Spirits by Pamela Hale Trachta
Sand Spirit 2

What are the Sand Spirits? The Sand Spirits are a deck of 36 photographic divination or wisdom cards that are sold with a 30- page manual. The breathtaking photographs of untouched forms found on a beach were made by Pamela Hale, art photographer, writer, speaker, life coach, consultant and shamanic practitioner. After experiencing the Sand Spirits, you may never see a beach in the "same old way," and you may never go back to viewing your life without seeing it "through a different lens."

How are they used? On a literal level, you will look at 36 abstract photographic still lifes: stones, seaweed, natural objects and streaks of iron filings in the sand. When you shift from looking into a deeper, right-brained seeing, figures and forms emerge and come to life. The manual gives you a series of questions and ways of dialoguing with each card so that you can "see" your life and its challenges and opportunities more clearly. You will emerge with a new sense of your own gifts and wisdom. Exactly what you see will depend on you, on what you see and "hear" from each image. There is no right or wrong-only infinite possibilities created by your own internal vision.

New workbook! The workbook and cards will help you:

  • Find your life purpose, power and passion
  • See and appreciate the wonders of nature
  • Enhance and deepen your inner life
  • Reveal your own power to heal, teach and see yourself
  • Communicate on a level deeper than words
  • Understand the power of symbols in everyday decision making

The Sand Spirits are unique photographic images that have inspired and awakened people all over the world. This workbook offers a key to unlocking the power of using natural symbols for personal and professional growth. “A most sensitive and useful instrument for helping understand and honor personal material.” —Sheila Bender, author, poet, publisher of

Damanhur In Italy
A Journey of Transformation - September 17-30, 2007
Sacred Woods of Damanhur

Damanhur is a large esoteric community founded in 1979 in the Valchiusella valley north of Turin, Italy. The community grew out of the work of Oberto Airaudi (b. 1950), a precocious young man who involved himself in the lively metaphysical community of Turin in the early 1970s. He became a psychic healer and a Spiritualist medium. By 1974 he had established a following which he brought together in the Horus Center. Airaudi began to advocate the ideal of communal living and in 1976 a settlement was established on the present site of the community, which was officially constituted in 1979. Today it is an internationally renowned center for spiritual, artistic, and social research. Damanhur is an eco-society, a federation of communities and eco-villages.

What is so surprising about being at Damanhur is the rich mixture of culture that exists. It was surprising to discover that there is a history of the magical arts that goes back in time and includes Celtic, Etruscan and Egyptian influences along with healing traditions of Atlantis. Everywhere you step . . . everywhere you turn you will see the evidence of inspiration, education, philosophy, magic, ecology and political diversity, exploration and manifestation. This is a gathering of scientists, researchers, artists, mystics, philosophers, and most of all visionaries who have focused their energy on living in balance with each other, the earth and the cosmos.

Our visit begins at the Olami Welcome Center. Our journey into this magical community will include getting to know the people of the community, having a chance to listen and question Falco the spiritual leader of Damanhur, learning about their philosophy and healing traditions, walking the circuits in the Sacred Woods and above the temple, three visits with meditations (including sound) to the indescribable Temples of Humankind, experiencing the ritual of the Autumn Equinox and the Rite of the Oracle on the Full Moon, time with the Art and Creations of the communities artists, shopping at Damanhur Crea where you will find a plethora of workshops, stores, galleries, and delectable edibles, walking the Path of Souls (where we will do a despacho ceremony), learning about the Synchronic Lines that make this area unique, and experiencing Selfica and the healers of Damanhur. We will spend 12 glorious and transforming days exploring Damanhur and the Valchiusella Valley.

Congratulations to Paul & Julie
Ayni Shamans Shop Opens in England
ayni shop logo

Paul and Julie announced in March that their shop is open. Here is their announcement.

I know we have emailed many of you letting you know that Paul & I have now ‘come out of the closet’ and taken shamanism to the high street! Are we mad? Well if we hadn’t painfully closed our back doors, and jumped 100% into this, we wouldn’t ever know! A shamanic clinic has been our dream for a couple of years now, ever since we did our North work in the beautiful location of Dunderry in Ireland. I remember going though my own personal healing and thinking this should be available to anyone who needs it. Bringing these wonderful & unique healing methods to all, we feel is a true act of Ayni! The idea for the name came after a life-changing initiation with Don Sebastian and Dona Maria, the gifts they gave both myself & Paul were immeasurable! As was the love that came from them both. Ayni was the only name that came ‘on wing’ to us, and we both subscribe to it, as much as our western humanness allows!

The shop was created after we experienced many problems sourcing shamanic supplies for our own needs, so the search for us to supply began. We are now thrilled to be able to stock wonderful textiles from both the Q’ero and Shipibo artisans. This is also a good way for us to say a big thank-you to our Peruvian mentors and their villages. Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30 – 4.30. We will also open out of hours for healing and specific product purchasing.

Noteworthy Events

April 17: New Moon in Aries 4:36 PDT

April 22: Earth Day

May 1: May Day/Beltane - In most of Northern Europe, May Day is called Beltane, which is the signaled first day of Summer. Beltane was a traditional time of celebrating fertility and the creative potential within the earth and self.

May 2: Full Moon in Scorpio 3:09 AM PDT, Lunar Beltane

September 17-30, 2007 A Journey of Transformation to the Community of Damanhur, Italy. Contact Stevi directly for more details

October 1-5, 2007 Pranatherapy Course at Damanhur - School for Spiritual Healers, which is structured as a 3 year course.

An Invitation
From Around the World: Connections to Community

This column will be dedicated to the community and its members. It is a space that will gives you the reader an opportunity to get to know other members of our community and to be known yourself. If you would like to be featured or know someone who would like to be please send a short article about what you do and a picture if possible. It may not be possible to publish all that is submitted but we will do our best. Also, if you have events that you would like to have highlighted please send them to us.

I am grateful for each one of you and the contribution that each of us makes each day that we are the best we can be. May we all be lights that bring peace, joy, laughter, beauty, love, and hope to our world.

Love & Blessings

Stevi Belle
SacredNature, LLC

Phone: 435-649-6435