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August 2013

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Dear Spirit Journeyer,

The path and vision of Spirit Essence Connection is to be a vehicle for sharing stimulating ideas, inspiring concepts and thought-provoking information that serve to enhance the overall well-being and consciousness of the community of healers and souls that are actively pursuing the highest possible evolution of human potential and transformation.

A note from Stevi.....
A hot summer.....

This summer has been hot in more than just hot atmospheric temperatures! The energy and astrological aspects that are being experienced are pushing and prodding those of us that are awake and aware to receive, reflect, move, shift and change. As Cayelin Castell ( has said, "We are in the energy of a long standing Grand Water Trine until 2014". This trine is about love, flow, ease and harmony. As we all know if you are in a place of having done your work and ready to receive this energy is blissful. But if there are trapped emotions or energy that are unresolved then those buttons are being pushed.

One of the ways that this energy can be shifted is through recapitulation. Over the years I have worked with recapitulation and found it to be life changing. Recently I have been working with students to take it to an even deeper level. In doing so, it is evident that one of the most valuable aspects of doing a thorough recapitulation is that it helps to connect the dots regarding patterns that have repeated themselves in our experience.

Another process that has been very helpful is the protocol developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, the Emotion Code. This protocol is terrific for releasing the trapped emotions that even with all the work we have done still are in our energy fields. The release process is simple but thorough.

If you are interested in these processes and clearings and want more info....send me an email or give me a call.
Email: or
Phone: 435.654.5458

Hope that you are balanced and centered as you bring your amazing light to the world!
Loving your light!


Upcoming Classes
Still time to register for Tele-courses!

The Beauty and Power of Despacho Ceremony: August 19th, 21st and 24th
Registration Deadline: August 12th

Clearing Curses & Negative Energy: September 5-7
Registration Deadline: August 26st

DNA of Healing - EIP (Class 1): September 12th, 14th and 16th
Registration Deadline: September 2nd

DNA of Healing - Chakra EIP of DNA (Class 2): October 24-26th
Registration Deadline: October 7th

For registration:
or call 435.654.5458

Shamans' Store
Back in stock...

We just received a new shipment from Peru! There are new rattles, ayni despachos available, and spirit waters back in stock.

The Blessing Method Cards- Now available "Inspirational cards to support you on your path of creating, attracting & expanding the blessings in your life" by Stevi Belle
There are two decks of 72 cards that come with instructions on using the Blessing Method.
Deck 1: is the starting deck. It covers blessings for health, abundance, relationships and general well being.
Deck 2: steps up the blessings to things calling for higher awareness and manifestation.
Place an order for your deck now. The decks will be shipped starting the week of April 22nd.

Of Interest......
On the local scene

Balance Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center, Heber, Utah offers a variety of services from health practitioners. You can get a wonderful massage, energetic kinesiology, aroma touch and much more. This month they are offering evening talks on essential oils. Their boutique items are lovely gifts and goodies to sooth the mind, body and spirit. Also, they are now carrying the Inspired Alchemist raw chocolates and protein bites. Stop by and see them at 245 W. 100 South, Heber, call them at 435.654.2532 or check them out online at

L'Oakley Grown Community Market
10 am - 3 pm, Cattlemen's Hall, 911 W. Center St., Oakley, Utah
An outside market featuring arts & crafts, music, antiques, delicious gourmet foods, and fresh produce from the Farmer's Market. The market runs 7 Saturdays, from June 29 to August 10.

Park Silly Market
Eco-friendly open air market and street festival. Located on Park City's Historic Main Street. Every Sunday from June 9th through September 22nd (with the exception of Aug 11th), from 10am until 5pm. Farmer's market, kids activities, live music, artisans, performance art, Bloody Mary bar, gourmet food, local produce, beer garden, arts & crafts. Come get silly on Sunday's!

An Invitation
From Around the World: Connections to Community

This column is dedicated to the community and its members. It is a space that will gives you the reader an opportunity to get to know other members of our community and to be known yourself. If you would like to be featured or know someone who would like to be please send a short article about what you do and a picture if possible. Please send your article in my the last day of the month. It may not be possible to publish all that is submitted but we will do our best. Also, if you have events that you would like to have highlighted please send them in by the last day of the month.

I am grateful for each one of you and the contribution that each of us makes each day that we are the best we can be. May we all be lights that bring peace, joy, laughter, beauty, love, and hope to our world.

Love & Blessings

Stevi Belle
SacredNature, LLC

Phone: 435-654-5458