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December 2007

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Dear Spirit Journeyer

The path and vision of Spirit Essence Connection is to be a vehicle for sharing stimulating ideas, inspiring concepts and thought-provoking information that serve to enhance the overall well-being and consciousness of the community of healers and souls that are actively pursuing the highest possible evolution of human potential and transformation.

Winter Solstice and the New Year
Misty night

The Winter Solstice is honored in different ways around the world. It is a time when the sun stands still, rising and setting in more or less the same place on the horizon so that it appears to stand still in the sky. On December 21 we experience the longest night and the shortest day. It is a time that is thought of as a battle between the old and new and the dark and light. For a brief moment in time the dark triumphs before the light is once again born.

At this time of the year we are ending the cycle of our current year and looking towards a new cycle and a new year. Numerologically we are ending a 9 year which is another cycle coming to an end.

Ideally as we celebrate the Solstice and the Holidays we take the time to reflect on all that has transpired over the last 12 months (or more comprehensive the last 9 years). Taking time to giving thanks and honor the blessings and gifts of the year(s). As we recapitulate the lessons, challenges, and opportunities that have graced our lives we prepare to release and move into the New Year with wisdom and clarity.

As we step into the 2008 (numerologically a one - new beginnings) may we lovingly dream oneness, wholeness, health, wealth, abundance, prosperity, unity, joy, harmony, peace, acceptance, co-operation, collaboration, celebration, transformation, wisdom, rememberance, beauty and the knowing of pure spirit within for all.

As always holding you in love and beauty,

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
New Beginnings
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Last year at this time, the Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth said that 2007 would be a year of monumental change and completion. Does anyone have any doubt about that now? Are you still reeling?

Well, we are now being told from On High that 2008, which is numerically a ONE year, will be a time for new beginnings and a birthing into a higher aspect of our Divinity. We may not fully understand just what this means, but the Company of Heaven is assuring us it is a glorious opportunity to transform our lives. All we have to do is take advantage of this auspicious year by focusing our intentions on creating the positive lives we want to experience on Earth.

One is the number of new beginnings, and eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. January 1, 2008, is numerically a 111 day. Eleven days later on January 11, 2008, we have a 1111 day.

During this rare eleven-day period, the I AM Presence of every person on this planet will integrate the highest potential of the miraculous activities of Light that took place in 2007. This integration will gently reflect into the hearts and minds of all Humanity, and it will raise the energy, vibration and consciousness of every facet of Life evolving on Earth the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow.

This event will open the door so that our I AM Presence will be able to intervene in our lives in new and wondrous ways. We can take advantage of this vitally important opportunity by focusing our intentions on new beginnings and creating the vision of the life we want. Know that the I AM Presence is limitless and that this aspect of our Divinity is One with our Father- Mother God. Our I AM Presence knows all that our Father-Mother God has is ours, and It is able to draw the perfection of God into our lives in amazing and awe-inspiring ways.

When we witness the pain and suffering existing around the world it is difficult to fathom that we are really on the brink of cocreating the harmony and balance of the New Earth in a perceptible way on this planet, but that is exactly what is happening. We have crossed the threshold into the initial impulse of the 5th Dimension. Heavenly events are confirming this Truth; ancient prophecies foretelling this time are being fulfilled, and signs are pointing to this new reality.

During the last three months of 2007, several Cosmic and Galactic events took place that prepared the way for the opportunities that will be presented to us in 2008. We are always affected by any event that involves the Heavenly bodies in our Universe, but this time the synchronicity of the various Galactic alignments opened a Dimensional doorway that catapulted our entire Solar System into the sacred space within which the New Heaven and the New Earth will tangibly manifest.

For more....go to www.eraof

Shamans' Store
Lots of new items online!
Pitamarca Mestana

Many new items have been added to the website. Despachos are now available. There are new pouches, purses and shoulder bags. New crystals are now in stock. There are also many new textiles including Mesa cloths, unkuna cloths, and larger weavings used for despachos.

More new items coming soon!

Poem: A Way of Choosing
by Laz Slomovits

Art is a way we breathe the beauty
of this world into our lives, and how
the necessary grief of living is given

meaning. It is a sweet way of choosing
awareness - the heart kind, with its grace.
Otherwise we just chew the charms of life

without ever tasting them. Come. Let's
not be strangers to our own loveliness.
Let not even one of us be left out of this

choosing. Let's journey from one welcome
home to yet another welcome home.
Let beauty be the road, the way we move,

where we come from and where we go.
And let us breathe deeply, together,
this beauty-suffused life.

From Around the World: Kelly La Sha
Effective Use of the Law of Attraction
Kelly La Sha

The Law of Attraction posits that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs (conscious and unconscious) create your life experiences. Metaphorically speaking, stored frequencies within your mind act as the 'film' for the 'movie' of your life. Life acts as a mirror of your stored emotions and beliefs. In other words your 'film' determines your health, wealth, and the degree of how harmonious and fulfilling your life experiences are.

The principles of the Law of Attraction are currently being made more widely available through the Abraham teachings and the popular movies "What the Bleep Do We Know" and "The Secret". More and more of us are now practicing the use of the Law of Attraction to deliberately create what we want, but many are frustrated by the results they are getting. The reason for this is three-fold.

Firstly, deliberate creation is more difficult to use when you are driven by your unconscious thought patterns. At the source of each unhealthy thought pattern is a stored emotional wound in your energy body which pervades your physical and emotional bodies. Your life circumstances are mirroring every microscopic conscious and unconscious belief that you have. Without the alignment of all of your conscious and unconscious beliefs, the energy of your intentions becomes diffracted.

Secondly, when we try to fill our emptiness by feeding our ego-driven desires, we will continue to be unfulfilled and wounded. I call this "outsourcing our energy and our self-worth." It happens anytime we look outside of ourselves to find validation, thinking that if we can just have the perfect relationship/house/job/body/fill-in-the-blank then we'll be whole and complete. Each time you outsource your self-worth, there is a stored emotional wound at its source, hence, an opportunity to heal.

Soul purpose is one of the other missing pieces of how the Law of Attraction is often presented. We sometimes forget that we are not here to fulfill our desires alone. To manifest something that is not in accord with your soul's purpose, will result in an endless, empty search for satisfaction. We are starving for the true satisfaction that comes from nourishing the soul by honoring and expressing its purpose.

The irony is, when you harmonize and align the imprints of your conscious and unconscious beliefs with self-love and your soul's purpose, you can then reach the feeling and frequency state that effortlessly and automatically manifests a fulfilling life. This frequency of harmony ultimately expresses itself as passion, love, and service as you discover and share your gifts with others.

I have been using Law of Attraction tools successfully for over 10 years and have experienced that a path of healing and harmonious living is far more fulfilling than setting success goals and succeeding. There was a period in my life when I had deliberately created my dream job, car, home, wealth, relationship, etc. and still felt empty and incomplete. It wasn't until I actively chose to heal that I discovered my soul's purpose and the deeply gratifying fulfillment of that expression.

Now through my lectures, workshops and private practice I assist and empower others by offering self- healing tools and self-sourcing techniques. By seeing life circumstances as a mirror of the mind, I use mirror interpretations to locate and heal the source of wounds and then assist in aligning the imprints of the mind with that which will create a fulfilling life. In my upcoming book "Liquid Mirror", these techniques are explained and illustrated in depth and further reveals some of the operating principles of the soul and the mechanics of the Law of Attraction.

For more information:

Kelly La Sha has a BA degree in International Marketing and for 10 years worked in the biomedical field as an export consultant. With over 30 years of experience in reading energy, her expertise is in shamanic healing, coaching and counseling couples, and educating individuals so that they can maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Contact info: 530-263-7662

More from Around the World: Merri Walters
Great Lake Sacred Essences
Merri Walters

Great Lakes Sacred Essences, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, lovingly and prayerfully creates flower essences, predominantly from the Great Lakes region but not exclusively so; produces a variety of products that are premium-quality, healthful, and feature the flower essences; and distributes those products. Great Lakes Sacred Essences also teaches about flower essences and serves as an ally and advocate for flower essence makers.

The flower essences of Great Lakes Sacred Essences are co-created by holistic health practitioner Merri Walters with intuitive guidance from Nature and the support of her husband, Robin Grosshuesch. The entire collection includes approximately 200 distinct essences-of flowers, bodies of water, and other forms of Nature. The essences have been made in Michigan, along the Great Lakes, and at sacred sites throughout the United States and Canada. For its first line of publicly available products, Great Lakes Sacred Essences offers carefully chosen combinations of these essences. Each combination offers support for common challenges, for example, protection from the flu, recovering from stress and overwork, and easing difficult relationships. Great Lakes Sacred Essences also offers classes oriented to the combination essences and the ways that we can bring joy and balance into our lives.

In addition to the activities already mentioned, Merri and Robin's vision for Great Lakes Sacred Essences includes the creation of a school to offer training not only to essence makers and practitioners, but to regular folk: parents, teachers, social workers, farmers, animal healers, and more. A small community of nurturing, creative people have committed their hearts and hands to help bring this vision into the world.

About Merri Walters:

Through 26 years as a holistic health practitioner, Merri Walters has cared for humans, animals, and plants in a myriad of conditions, and she has amassed thousands of remedies to facilitate their healing. She honors the spiritual energy and intelligence that is working through her and only considers herself a good listener and interpreter of this energy. Her deep connection to and love for nature, the earth, and the human and animal kingdoms propels her to work continuously to promote holistic approaches not only to the health of our bodies but to the health of our emotions, our soul, and our societal and environmental well-being. She believes that holistic health entails a healing of the whole; all things are holy and must ultimately be addressed, loved, and restored to a harmonious state or at some level we will all still be sick. As a tool in our holistic health medicine box, Merri believes we may have nothing more profound than the gift of flower essences that can gently change deeply rooted emotional patterns and pains.

Noteworthy Events

December 21: Winter Solstice - Sun in Capricorn 10:08 PM PST

December 23: Full Moon in Cancer 5:16 PM PST

January 8: New Moon in Capricorn 3:37 AM PST

January 6-9: Real Speaking with Gail Larsen on Whidbey Island, WA (Sunday p.m.-Weds.) For more information: 505-986-8650 or Other upcoming dates: February 10-13-Asilomar - Monterey, CA (Sunday p.m.- Weds.) April 3-6- Santa Fe, NM (Thurs. p.m.-Sunday) May 8-11 -Whidbey Island, WA (Thurs. p.m.-Sunday) June 19-22 - Santa Fe (Thurs. p.m.-Sunday)

January 7-10: Universal Relationships with Margaret Ruby, Teleseminar For more information: (888)711-9962 or

January 16: NEW TELECLASS - Jose Luis- Live from Peru - An Introduction to Shaman's Cosmology, Cosmo Vision, and Working with Jose Luis For more information: 760- 773-5870 or

January 19-20: SEVEN MONTH APPRENTICESHIP IN SHAMANIC HEALING January- July 2008, Seattle, WA With Michelle McKinney For more information: (206)523-9006

January 28-31: Eliminating Interference Patterns of DNA (EIP OF DNA) with Margaret Ruby, Teleseminar For more information: (888)711-9962 or

February 9-10: NEW The Creative Eye (I): Art from the Heart, Eva Rose Goetz in Falmouth, Maine For more information: 207-756-0488 or

February 14: World Sound Healing Day World Sound Healing Day is a global event that YOU can partake in to assist Global Harmonization--the process of creating harmony and peace on the Earth. Your participation and co- creation of this event is both appreciated as well as being necessary for World Sound Healing Day to manifest. Every February 14th, people throughout the planet join together with their intentionalized sound to project a sonic valentine of love & appreciation to Gaia, our Earth Mother. We tone the heart sound "Ah" for a minimum of 5 minutes, and of course longer if your schedule permits. Often people will gather groups together and facilitate this toning experience in their respective communities. If possible, we ask that you take at least 5 minutes to tone at 12 noon Eastern time, and as always, we encourage the sounding of the "Ah" by yourself or with a group at any time during the course of the day.

May 14-18: 2008 Society for Shamanic Practitioners ANNUAL CONFERENCE Mark your calendars now for the Fourth Annual SSP Conference. May 14-18, 2008 at Sunrise Springs in Santa Fe, New Mexico featuring Sandra Ingerman, Jose and Lena Stevens, Stanley Krippner and many others. For more information:

June 27th - July 6th, 2008: Natural Healing Conference at Willka T'ika in Urubamba, Peru. Medicina Ancestral: Inkan Medicinal Plants, Earth Remedies and Unique Healing Disciplines. A 10-day conference with licensed Peruvian Naturopath Dr. Papacho For more information: Dee on or (888)-737-8070

An Invitation
From Around the World: Connections to Community

This column is dedicated to the community and its members. It is a space that will gives you the reader an opportunity to get to know other members of our community and to be known yourself. If you would like to be featured or know someone who would like to be please send a short article about what you do and a picture if possible. Please send your article in my the last day of the month. It may not be possible to publish all that is submitted but we will do our best. Also, if you have events that you would like to have highlighted please send them in by the last day of the month.

I am grateful for each one of you and the contribution that each of us makes each day that we are the best we can be. May we all be lights that bring peace, joy, laughter, beauty, love, and hope to our world.

Love & Blessings

Stevi Belle
SacredNature, LLC

Phone: 435-649-6435