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March 2007
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Dear Spirit Journeyer

The path and vision of Spirit Essence Connection is to be a vehicle for sharing stimulating ideas, inspiring concepts and thought-provoking information that serve to enhance the overall well-being and consciousness of the community of healers and souls that are actively pursuing the highest possible evolution of human potential and transformation.

Mapping the Soul
Going the Next Step ...
Stevi headshot - gold

I asked myself this morning “Would I be where I am today (happy, healthy, and whole) if it had not been for adversity, challenges, healing opportunities, heartbreak, and a push from my spirit to move forward?” The answer was a resounding “No”. For these events have been the most profound gifts of my life. Deep within, I have always known that there is a better way to live and be in the world. This knowing has led me to look for different points of view, understandings, and awareness’ to be the guiding principles of my life and to explore the creative process.

Through my meditations many years ago I began to comprehend how the creative process worked in all aspects of my life. For 14 years I worked in one medium or another - paper, painting, glass, jewelry and more, honing my experience in order to understand the creative process on a very practical level.

During this period I was inspired to take these processes a step further. I began creating my life based on my understanding of the practical creative world and applying that to the energetic and spiritual aspects of my life. This led to amazing experiences. I then began to “recognize and realize” my alignment with my soul; creating one circumstance after another which allowed me to move in the direction that my soul desired . . . not just what “I” desired.

Today there is an intense movement towards learning to “manifest” what you want in your life. Most of us have watched “The Secret” and read more than one book in the attempt to understand how to manifest the positive in our lives. We have all tried affirmations, visualizations, and collages that are meant to help us create what we want ~ and in many instances they do help ~ there is a measure of success. What is apparent is that most of this is done from our conscious mind and ego instead of from our soul ~ without much thought or awareness of what might be in our way of actualizing our deepest desires.

For those of us on a path of healing and whole-ing it is just not enough. When we attempt to manifest without looking at why we don’t have what we want in our lives ~ we are doing what is called “spiritual bypass”. We want the outcome but we don’t want to deal with our beliefs and stuck energy to get it . . . or we just don’t know how to go about looking for what is in the way of our having our divine birthright . . . abundance, joy, love, passion, beauty, and magic in our lives.

The word “manifestation” does not accurately describe what we are aiming to accomplish. “Realization and recognition” are actually a more accurate description of what we are doing. We are digging deep within ourselves to move through the issues that have held us, so that we can “realize” the truth of our soul’s desires. The result is alignment with our true desires in a way that will signal the universe, our higher selves, and our souls that we are ready, willing and able to embrace our Soul’s Journey.

In Soul Mapping: Creating a Magical Life with Your Soul's Guidance, you will first look at what is in the way of realizing your Souls Desire and then you will learn to clear it. Once it is cleared we will use various techniques to discover what your soul truly wants. Next, we will create a visual map that you will take home to help you attend and focus on walking your soul’s path. We will use all of the senses to traverse this landscape: Dowsing for divining the truth; Sounds of Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Peruvian Whistling Vessels to clear energy and re-inform the energy body; Movement to express and release on the physical; Journeying to reach deep within; Essential Oils to reach the inner recesses of our bodies; Flower Essences to help with shifting energy; Collage and artwork to create a visual picture of our new reality; Despacho for letting go; and Fire for transforming.

Is your Soul’s desire, truth and path calling you? Have you heard it but not been able to grasp it? This is your opportunity to journey to it, embrace it and fully step into your journey of recognition, realization and collaboration with your Soul. I invite you to join me for this magical journey of discovery.

May the Light of your Soul Shine in all that you bring to the world!


Elizabeth Jenkins
Nature Wisdom of the Inkas
Elizabeth Jenkins

In addition to being a warm, compassionate and heart- centered human being... Elizabeth Jenkins, MA, MFCC, is a licensed psychotherapist, founder/director of the Wiraqocha Foundation for the Preservation of Indigenous Wisdom, author of "Initiation: A Woman's Spiritual Adventure in the Heart of the Andes", and her new book "Journey to Q'eros". In 1997, her book "Initiation" was an international best seller and has been translated into eleven different languages. She teaches and lectures internationally, and is a frequent speaker to groups on ecopsychology, creativity, and spiritual experience.

The Six Day Intensive, April 10-15, in Las Vegas, NV (Mt. Charleston), captures the very heart of the Inkan tradition teaching direct spiritual practices to connect to the forces of nature and increase the harmony and personal power of your "bubble" or field of living energy surrounding the physical body. We work primarily outside, weather permitting, in the female style with advnced techniques for harmonizing inner masculine and feminine powers to reach the fourth- level of spiritual attainment and become candidates to the fifth level. Participation in this six-day course qualifies you for the Hatun Karpay or great initiation in Peru and the Master class taught by Juan Nunez del Prado and Elizabeth Jenkins at the 5th World Conference on the Inka tradition to be held in Stockholm, Sweden this June.

This 16,000 year old tradition of nature mysticism was brought to a height during the Inka Empire, 1100-1532 AD. This fascinating spiritual tradition teaches students how to interact with the Kausay Pacha, the world of the living energies. The Inka language reflects their preoccupation with the "energy world" and human experiences of living energy. There is no such thing as "negative energy", only heavy energy called hoocha and rarefied energy called sami. Initiates are taught how to "eat" and "digest" or transform heavy energies that may lead to illness, depression, and conflict. Initiates are also taught to harmonize the poq'po or human energy field, with the 5 elements and the forces of nature, leading to a high state of personal energy, happiness, and feeling connected to life.

Shaman's Store
Up and Running!
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The Shamans’ Store is live again and better than before! We are still working on getting all the store items listed and this process will continue for a couple of months. At this moment you will find Palo Santo, Spirit Waters, Florida Water, Kananga Water, Rattles, and Chumpi Stones. We will be adding Mestanas next . . . and whatever else manages to get photographed. New to the site are the Workshop and Sacred Journey information. Check it out and let us know how it feels and works.

Thank you to all of you who have been patient as we have gone through this change!

Mangosteen and Type II Diabetes
The Queen's Fruit
Xango bottle section

Consider these facts:

  • Diabetics have 2 to 4 times the death rate from heart attack and stroke even if they have the same cholesterol levels as non-diabetics.
  • Diabetics compose 6.2 percent of the population, but they accounted for 19 % of all deaths in people over 25 in 1999 (450,000 people)
  • Diabetes is the most common cause for kidney failure requiring dialysis.
  • Seventy percent of diabetics will have nervous system damage such as neuropathy, carpal tunnel, gut motility problems, crippling foot deformities and impotence
  • Thirty percent of diabetics will have significant skin diseases
  • Thirty-five percent of diabetics will have severe periodontal disease
  • Seventy-three percent of diabetics have elevated blood pressure

Dr. Fred Templeman has seen patients using mangosteen supplement report:

  • Decreased fasting blood-sugar levels.
  • Decreased 2-hour, postprandial blood-sugar levels.
  • Improved energy levels.
  • Decreased appetitie and even weight loss.
  • Decreased requirements for hypoglycemic medications
  • Decreased pain from neuropathy

In Dr. Templeman's words: "I can only speculate as to the several modes of action of mangosteen since no relevant laboratory experiments or human trials exist yet. However, I am convinced by clinical results that the xanthones act to reduce insulin resistance, the core defect in type II diabetes. Additionally, the Germans treat peripheral neuropathy with antioxidants, and all diabetic complications, without exception, involve free radical damage. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the antioxidant power of the mangosteen is also evident in the results reported."

The recommended serving is 1 ounce three times daily until results are seen. Then gradually reduce to the maintenance dose of 1 ounce daily.

The above information is extracted from Dr. Fred Templeman's brochure on Mangosteen and Type II Diabetes. Dr. Templeman is a primary care physician, board certified with over twenty years of clinical experience. He is sought after internationally as a speaker and author on health, nutrition, and the healing properties of the mangosteen fruit. For more about Dr. Templeman:

There are multitudes of benefits in including Xango's mangosteen juice in your daily routine. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have regarding the Queen of Fruits!

Electropollution ...
One of the BIGGEST New Stressors!
biopro chip

It is an invisible danger that has no sound or smell but is creating chaos with all of our cells. In less than two decades, one third of the global village has embraced this new technology, spawning the multi-million dollar wireless communications industry. From cell phones to hot spots to entire wireless cities, rarely has a technology so rapidly and so profoundly transformed the world. The explosion of wireless technology has brought with it a totally new form of dangerous radiation called electropollution. Humanity is now exposed to more than 100 million times more radiation than just two decades ago.

The 100 trillion cells of the body communicate with each other by subtle low electromagnetic signals as well as through chemical reactions. Continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation can drastically distort and disrupt these cellular communications pathways, resulting in abnormal cellular metabolism and eventually disease. Electropollution profoundly compromises the normal intercellular communication of the body. Cell function deteriorates, cell membranes harden, causing a shutdown of the cells. Now nutrients cannot get in and toxins cannot get out. Over time this leads to toxin and free radical buildup, genetic mutation, premature aging, illness and disease.

So picture this... it's a typical morning in a Starbucks equipped with wireless Internet. You see three people involved in cell phone conversations, one sending a text message from a PDA and two surfing the Internet on laptops. Each device is transmitting to the antenna installed in the back of the store, which in turn is transmitting out. At each point the signal gets an electronic push from the device to get it going. This push, like a boat being accelerated through water, creates a wake called a near-field plume. This plume is sending out lots of radiation. Homes, wireless offices, schools, hospitals and most every workplace are now filled with cell phones, laptops, wireless networks, game stations, iPods. With the increasing world of wireless technology our world is now being blanketed with a dense fog of plumes and beams. As we work, learn, sleep and play in these environments and whether we personally use these gadgets or not, our cells are being bombarded and our cellular function is being compromised.

The most vulnerable are the children. Their cells are still growing and are filled with more fluid, thus the radiation can penetrate much faster into their cells. Disney got in the game big time recently with offers of family plans and a kid starter plans targeted to 8-to-12 year-olds. An 8-year-old child who gets a cell phone will by age 28 have used a cell phone for longer than anyone to date. Consider this: In 1970, one out of 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism. Last year, one in 166 children were diagnosed with autism. Many scientists and some doctors are now trying to get the word out that we are now starting to see genetic damage that is weakening our children's cells, thus causing many more health challenges such as autism.

The health challenges coming from our continual exposure to electrical pollution is becoming a worldwide concern. In Europe in May, a movie is coming out showing the public about the health problems that are increasing every day with the increasing use of the electronic and wireless age, and will be here in the U.S. at the end of summer. The good news is science and medicine have experience with toxic exposure and have developed a "gold standard" for dealing with these types of problems called the public health paradigm. The paradigm always encompasses primary, secondary and tertiary interventions. Primary addresses the cause of the problem and is best accomplished by reducing or canceling out exposure. Secondary deals with the symptoms of the problem, of which the most significant is disrupted intercellular communication. Tertiary deals with stopping the problem and keeping the symptoms from coming back. Written by Joy Carlson of the Napa Valley Register.

From Around the World: Connections to the Community
Iris Herbal - Cathy Hope
Cathy Hope

Cathy Hope is the inspiration and genius of Iris Herbal. This year she is celebrating her 25th anniversary of Iris Herbal Products. It's been a very personal, intuitive, organic journey of self-discovery and healing, of becoming more aware and confident. Cathy began the work with essential oils when there was not much information available, before there were companies who offered certified organic oils, in fact, before there was certification or an internet. All of her research at that time was the old-fashioned way: books from the library. All during her early years of aromatherapy exploration she also did other work: organic landscaping, gardening in the high dessert, and research on passive solar structures that culminated in a passive solar greenhouse that she designed and helped build. (see )

Cathy began her research in both aromatherapy and flower essences in 1978, did formal training in both in 1984 and continued her education on her own when she developed a line of herbal tinctures in addition to the aromatherapy products. Cathy began teaching about herbs and aromatherapy over 20 years ago, and is currently an instructor at the Scherer Institute of Healing in Santa Fe, NM.

Cathy’s passion is for quality in raw materials, integrity in the making of products by hand, personalized service, free advice, and accurate information. She loves to teach, and has retained all the enthusiasm that she began with 25 years ago. Visit her website for more information.

Damanhur In Italy
A Journey of Transformation - September 17-30, 2007
Sacred Woods of Damanhur

Damanhur is a large esoteric community founded in 1979 in the Valchiusella valley north of Turin, Italy. The community grew out of the work of Oberto Airaudi (b. 1950), a precocious young man who involved himself in the lively metaphysical community of Turin in the early 1970s. He became a psychic healer and a Spiritualist medium. By 1974 he had established a following which he brought together in the Horus Center. Airaudi began to advocate the ideal of communal living and in 1976 a settlement was established on the present site of the community, which was officially constituted in 1979. Today it is an internationally renowned center for spiritual, artistic, and social research. Damanhur is an eco-society, a federation of communities and eco-villages.

What is so surprising about being at Damanhur is the rich mixture of culture that exists. It was surprising to discover that there is a history of the magical arts that goes back in time and includes Celtic, Etruscan and Egyptian influences along with healing traditions of Atlantis. Everywhere you step . . . everywhere you turn you will see the evidence of inspiration, education, philosophy, magic, ecology and political diversity, exploration and manifestation. This is a gathering of scientists, researchers, artists, mystics, philosophers, and most of all visionaries who have focused their energy on living in balance with each other, the earth and the cosmos.

Our visit begins at the Olami Welcome Center. Our journey into this magical community will include getting to know the people of the community, having a chance to listen and question Falco the spiritual leader of Damanhur, learning about their philosophy and healing traditions, walking the circuits in the Sacred Woods and above the temple, three visits with meditations (including sound) to the indescribable Temples of Humankind, experiencing the ritual of the Autumn Equinox and the Rite of the Oracle on the Full Moon, time with the Art and Creations of the communities artists, shopping at Damanhur Crea where you will find a plethora of workshops, stores, galleries, and delectable edibles, walking the Path of Souls (where we will do a despacho ceremony), learning about the Synchronic Lines that make this area unique, and experiencing Selfica and the healers of Damanhur. We will spend 12 glorious and transforming days exploring Damanhur and the Valchiusella Valley.

From Around the World: Connections to Community
Inkavisions: Heather Clewett Jachowski

Heather Clewett - Jachowski, founder of Inkavisions, utilizes ancient Inka Shamanic techniques and Quantum Physics theory to illuminate this path. Inkavision’s commitment is to support our brothers and sisters that are waking up at this time. At the intersection of the theoretical Quantum Physics world and the experiential Shamanistic world, Spirit fuses itself into matter. If you choose to take the next step on this path where matter transforms itself into Spirit, then you wake up from the dream.

At Inkavisions, we ask the ancient questions that live within each of our hearts. By answering them, we return to ourselves the light that we have disowned – our divine light. We concentrate on finding the aspects of ourselves that have been veiled from us. As we bring these quanta’s of energy back into our now, we begin to repair our soul and remember who we are; we begin to envision our quest. The quest that all of our souls have been involved in lifetime after lifetime. As we take the question out of quest, we hear the voice of our heart whispering to us throughout the ages. We can now step into our higher path of destiny and know thyself.

Heather is dedicated to preserving a ten-thousand- year-old tradition of healing knowledge to assist in personal and planetary healing. Heather currently works with clients around the world, teaches classes in Sedona, Arizona and is a co-lecturer in the Oroloro day in Holland. The Oroloro day ( founded by Bert Janssen, a Dutch frontier science researcher.

As you learn to see through the whisperings of your heart, you will wake up from the dream and become masters of your own destiny.

Please contact Heather Clewett - Jachowski at 928- 203-9122 for more information regarding private sessions or classes.

Noteworthy Events
Coming up this Spring

March 9-11, 2007 Business of Healing at the Institute for Mentalphysics in Joshua Tree, California. For information and registration or Renee Baribeau 760-773-5870.

April 10-16, 2007 - Elizabeth Jenkins, Author of best selling book - Initiation: A Woman's Spiritual Adventure in the Heart of the Andes, and the new Journey to Q'eros: Golden Cradle of the Inkas. The Six Day course encompasses the vast depth and intimate Nature wisdom of the Inkas including the spiritual tools or ancient Inka energy practices, as well as techniques adapted to modern times, yet still remain true to the Andean Path. Mt. Charleston, NV (45 min from the Las Vegas Strip). Nestled in the mountains at the beautifully rennovated Mt. Charleston Lodge, you will be working in a small, intimate group with Elizabeth. Her knowledge comes from her 20 years of direct study in Peru with the Andean Masters including Don Juan Nunez del Prado, the number one expert in the world on the Inka and Andean Spiritual tradition. For more information and registration call Holly Rose at 435-901-4289 or email her at . For further details on the class go to:

April 26-29, 2007 Soul Mapping: Creating A Magical Life With Your Soul's Guidance with Stevi Belle in Las Vegas, NV. Define the issues that are blocking you from creating your Soul’s desire and then learn how to clear them. Once you are clear, discover what your Soul is yearning to do and create a map that will propel you onto your Soul’s path of passion and truth. For more information and registration contact Holly Rose at or 435-901- 4289.

May 2-4, 2007 Masters of the Universe: Ambassador Training with Bryan de Flores and Special Guests in San Simeon, California. The Masters of the Universe Ambassador Training is designed to create a new exemplary model of spiritual teacher; one who will excel in mastery beyond all expectations, one who will align with the new spiritual directives and cosmic laws, one who will be able to withstand and deal with all manner of challenges in the physical and spiritual worlds and ultimately, one who will without fail, reap the spiritual benefits and riches now being issued through the Celestial Hierarchy. This event will detail to all in attendance the secrets of becoming a successful ‘new millennium’ teacher, events coordinator and facilitator of spiritual experiences. For more information and registration go to .

September 17-30, 2007 A Journey of Transformation to the Community of Damanhur, Italy. Contact Stevi directly for more details

October 1-5, 2007 Pranatherapy Course at Damanhur - School for Spiritual Healers, which is structured as a 3 year course.

An Invitation
From Around the World: Connections to Community

This column will be dedicated to the community and its members. It is a space that will gives you the reader an opportunity to get to know other members of our community and to be known yourself. If you would like to be featured or know someone who would like to be please send a short article about what you do and a picture if possible. It may not be possible to publish all that is submitted but we will do our best. Also, if you have events that you would like to have highlighted please send them to us.

Many thanks to Holly Rose for her collaboration in designing this vehicle with which I may continue to stay in community with each of you across the globe...

Love & Blessings

Stevi Belle
SacredNature, LLC

Phone: 435-649-6435