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May 2007
Celebrating the Mother  

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Dear Spirit Journeyer

The path and vision of Spirit Essence Connection is to be a vehicle for sharing stimulating ideas, inspiring concepts and thought-provoking information that serve to enhance the overall well-being and consciousness of the community of healers and souls that are actively pursuing the highest possible evolution of human potential and transformation.

Essence of the Mother......
Pacific Ocean Gift

The opportunity to take a deep drink of the essence of the waters of the Mother has been given to me twice in the last month, a visit to the Pacific Ocean and a beautiful hike up a creek just a week ago. Both occasions reminded me that water is the "essence" of the Mother. No need to make a flower essence or an oil as she provides us with it and it is essential to who we and our survival. We drink it everyday. We use it to cleanse ourselves. It is a part of almost every part of our lives. It runs through our veins and our bodies. We take water for granted and may forget to be truly grateful for one of the most essential elements in our world, whether it is the water running out of our facets or shower heads, from our garden hoses, from the sky as snow or rain, in our rivers, creeks or the ocean, or as a cup of tea or coffee -- it is the blood of the Mother, her essence being taken in and enjoyed by our bodies.

Sitting by the water, along the edge of a stream I watch as it moves rapidly down stream. The movement is a dance. It represents the many facets of life, a metaphor for life. This water has just been freed, it is spring and the warm air has released it from the solid form of snow into the fluid form of water that moves and flows. As I watch it and it's rapid movement I sense it jumping for joy, it's excitement at being released and experiencing a new adventure.

Does it know where it is going? It is unlikely but it does not matter because it is totally immersed in the experience of moving, flowing, watching, and going as it moves towards its eventual destination. It is the journey that is important not the destination. Along the journey, some of it finds out that it is meant to nourish the roots of the trees and the sprouts of grass, it learns what it is like to be sucked up the length of a great Aspen and to help new leaves to form. Other drops of water caress the rocks and stones in the stream and experience what it is to be an element of change as the stones become smooth and change shape. Some of the water has a different idea and they become the still pools along the banks or ponds that sit in meditation. While observing the water it is apparent that it is the Mother of all creation as we know it. It represents the journey of life and is the one element on our glorious planet that makes life possible for all of us and represents the many aspects of life in it journey. It comes to the earth born from the sky in many forms - rain, sleet, snow, and hail. It forms, shapes, and teaches us. It nurtures and feeds us. It is truly the essence of the Mother.

At the Pacific Ocean, the sound of the waves lull me into a quiet place. The power and beauty of the water is so profound that it leaves me searching for words to describe it. Walking along the beach and picking up rocks that are each a masterpiece of creation polished and formed by the water and sand. Seeing the creatures in the tide pools, the many colors of starfish and sea anemones. The ocean gives so much. I am called to create a gift to the Mother, an honoring and a prayer. At the local farm market that day I see beautiful roses in an array of color which seem like the perfect gift to the Mother. A friend and I create an offering of a palm frond with strawberries, bread and the roses. Into each rose and morsel we blow our prayers. We quietly take it to the water and place it into a tide pool and watch as it is taken out to sea our prayers and our gift. It is a moment of blessing as we watch the Mother accept our gift and it finally disappears.

One of our rituals in May is to honor our birth Mothers from which we came into this world out of the pool of water that held and nurtured us within her body. As you honor your Mother, take a few moments and give thanks for the many aspects of the Earth and the Waters that represent your true Mother, the divine Mother, the earth Mother, the Mother of the waters, the Mother who gives her love, nurturing, grace, blessings, and joy to all of us freely and without question. Create a despacho or bundle that holds your prayers and gratitude.

I acknowledge, celebrate and appreciate the Mother in each of you, male and female. May your nurturing spirit bless your life and all those around you. May you connect to the depth of the fluidity and diversity that lies deep within you and express it in awe and wonder at the experience that you have chosen to have.

Sending love, gratitude and joy, Stevi

More Information on DNA Healing.....
Sources to Explore
DNA Activation

Many of you have contacted me about the material I have been reading and viewing on DNA. The material I have found is very interesting and I would recommend the following books, DVD's, Accelerator images and websites.

The DNA of Healing by Margaret Ruby. Margaret's EIP training is definitely worthwhile. The DVD's that she has produced are incredible. Check out the images by Reta Phillips. For more information:

Psychogenetics: The Force of Heredity by Chris Griscom. This has some interesting pieces in it and definitely a good source of information. There are also references to Family Constellations in this book. For more information:

Change Your DNA - Change Your Life by Dr. Robert V. Gerard. Another view and good information. For more information:

Bryan de Flores ~ Accelerators: Bryan has so many accelerators that are assisting with DNA work that it is incredible. For more information:

Shamans' Store
New Items Added to the Website!
Accha Alta Mestana

Gingko-Gotu Kola Combination - referred to as Altitude Tincture and P2R are now live on the website.

Mestanas or what are referred to as Mesa cloths are now available on-line. There is a beautiful selection from the Q'ero, Pitumarca, Chahuaytire villages.

Extraction Crystals have also been added. There is a beautiful 13-sided Vogel style and an amazing selection of Lemurian (from Brazil) 12-sided flawless crystals.

More to come in the next month! I will begin working on Music and Books soon.

From Around the World: Beatriz Orive
Awakening the Soul
Beatriz and Logo

Being born and raised in the land of the Maya has marked me forever. Guatemala is a colorful and magical place that is bound to make your Spirit explode with excitement. I began my life in a mystical land, and was inspired to soar at will. We visited Maya towns since I was 3 years old, learning about their traditions and the wisdom of a group of people that even today remain a mystery.

My journey began with a very intense education, which was the antidote to a country in political turmoil. After graduating high school, I came to the United States to begin my college career. This led to graduate school at Northwestern's Kellogg School, then a 10 year Executive Corporate career, culminating in having my own strategic consulting business for 7 years. At the beginning of my corporate career, a huge void inside pushed me to find my soul's passion, starting a spiritual quest that has led me to the most beautiful places in my inner garden.

By 2003, my passion for my work had diminished and I had to push myself to find the motivation to continue creating corporate masterpieces. It had been 16+ years of a very successful executive and consulting career, and at the same time, 15 years of a tremendously fulfilling spiritual life. For the last 9 years of my spiritual life, I had found a discipline that filled me with an innocent excitement: "Shamanism & Energy Medicine".

In July of 2003, I decided it was time to make a difference in this world, and as Nelson Mandela said, to leave it better than I found it. So I quit my business life and shed the identity I had been chiseling for almost two decades, to start a mystery school that would help people from all walks of life to find peace, joy, beauty and love. My healing practice had been active for over 5 years by then, but now it was time to complement that and step into my greatest passion: teaching.

And finally I remembered...... As a very young child, I would play and run, until my Spirit would bring up an incessant question. I would run upstairs to my Mom, and barely able to breathe and talk at the same time, would ask her: "I know I came to do something really big, but I don't remember anymore. Do you remember?" She would look at me tenderly and respond, "No, I don't remember." With that I would run back downstairs and continue to play in the garden. A few decades later, and after honoring my search for feeling complete, I had a spontaneous journey of flying atop an eagle and going high above the mountains and lakes, thinking, "Isn't this an exquisite view of the Earth!" Suddenly, the eagle took a dive into a beautiful room filled with luminous windows. There I saw myself on a stage, lecturing to several hundred women. Perplexed, I looked at the eagle, knowing it could read my mind. "This is what you came to do," she said, "and it is big. Do you remember now?" After my heart skipped a beat, I began to remember!

Awakening the Soul was founded, and I immediately started to teach in the United States and Latin America. Today there are over 150 students that have graduated and found that place within that makes each of us know 'all is well'. This is what I came to do on this beautiful planet Earth, and I feel privileged to witness such amazing transformations in people from all cultures and backgrounds.

So welcome to Awakening the Soul and may you soon fly with the eagle. May your heart and soul skip a beat with the anticipation of discovering the exciting adventures that lie within. May each of you find the path to the point of stillness and beauty!

May 2007 - Asheville, NC (English): Two Day Intensive: Energy Management & the Steps to Spiritual Awakening event organizer: Beatriz M. Orive (Asheville, NC: 828- 651-9255)

June 2007 - Monterrey, Mexico (Spanish): Two Day Intensive: Energy Management & the Steps to Spiritual Awakening event organizer: Beatriz M. Orive (Asheville, NC: 828- 651-9255) and Michele González (Monterrey, Mex: 1021-1606)

July 2007 - Asheville, NC (English): Two Day Intensive: The Energy Body & the Chakra System event organizer: Beatriz M. Orive (Asheville, NC: 828- 651-9255)

More From Around the World: Michelle McKinney
A Shamanic view on Family Constellation
Michelle McKinney

In Masters of the Living Energy by Joan Parisi Wilcox, Puma, an Andean paqo says that healing has become much more difficult because people come as individuals. Long ago, healing was done with the entire family or community. There is the recognition that while we are individuals, we are also part of a greater whole and are influenced this family system, just as the system is influenced by us. How can we heal on a deeper level without systemic healing for our family, lineage and our communities?

Our family and ancestors impact our lives in powerful and subtle ways that are sometimes apparent, and often hidden. The living may carry a burden for another, stand for someone who has been forgotten, sacrifice living fully out of loyalty to another, or follow someone who died prematurely, without ever knowing on a conscious level. If an issue is passed on through the generations, it might be seen as patterns like alcoholism, early deaths, men leaving the family, or mental issues that run through the family. When the flow of love and strength has been blocked, even in generations past, subsequent generations can experience problems with relationships, health, emotions, etc. A few examples of love being severed would be immigration when a grandparent was cut off from their family or home land; when there was a famine, epidemic, or war; when someone was missing like with and early death or mental illness; or events that became family secrets.

I've found the work of systemic constellations, also know as family constellations, or movement of the soul to be a profound way of healing systemic issues which can manifest as physical, emotional, mental, spiritual difficulties. Constellations and shamanism are both phenomenological, and both function outside of space and time. Both can have a deep impact and support healing changes in a short period of time, and beyond the healer facilitating movement, the healing is between the client and spirit.

In his book Images of the Soul- The Workings of the Soul in Shamanic Rituals and Family Constellations by Daan van Kampenhout he speaks to the similarities and differences between shamanism and constellations, and describes how he integrates the two. Francesca Mason Boring is a Shohone ceremonialist, who also facilitates constellations. She describes constellations as an extension of ceremony, which has been around for thousands of years.

Constellations is usually facilitated with a large group of people, where individuals stand as representative for a member of the family, or other group system like the workplace. I've found it integrating into my healing practice when I am called to work on a systemic issue with individuals. Instead of using people as representatives, I use stones or other objects, guided visualizations, or see it in a journey.

Once when tracking what I thought was a spirit attachment, it turned out to be a soul-fragment from the client's mother, who is still alive. The client had taken on her anger and depression, which had come from being disconnected with her family when immigrating to this country. What was called for was not an extraction, but a reconnection to those who were left behind, and to the motherland to whom they were deeply rooted. This source of strength and support had been lost. By using the tool of guided imagery, the client was liberated from anger and depression, and able to move forward in his life in a new way.

In a journey for another client there was a great healing ceremony for her native American ancestors. They were surrounded by those who could provide what they needed. After much grieving, slowly strength and peace replaced the tears. Strength and love could now flow to my clients mother, and through her to her daughter who had been given up for adoption. This was the soul part that was restored to my client. After the healing, with tears in her eyes she said that she never had a sense that she belonged to anyone.

As we heal, restoring balance and harmony within, we also effect healing and harmony without and with the generations past, present and future. Like the Butterfly Effect, where the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Japan can effect the weather in Texas, so can the power of one person effect the whole. As we heal ourselves, we also contribute to healing the Web of Life, that which connects and influences everyone and everything.

Michelle has been a healer since 1986, and a shamanic practitioner since 1999. Her training in shamanic healing arts began a decade ago and includes long term training with Dr. Michael Harner and The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and Sandra Ingerman including her Two Year Teacher Training. Michelle's background includes mentoring and training with many teachers from shamanic, personal growth, and healing traditions who have greatly contributed to her experience. She is a student of constellations facilitation, Reiki Master, Voice Dialogue facilitator, Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and holds Master of Fine Arts degree. She provides shamanic healing and education to support individuals and groups in resolving issues, patterns and blockages carried in the soul. She offers in-person and long-distance session in Seattle, WA.

Michelle's philosophy is: as we awaken consciousness and heal ourselves, we heal the world we live in.

Upcoming workshop: HEALING THE ANCESTRAL SOUL with Michelle McKinney and Mark A. Johnson May 18, 19, 20 Seattle, WA

High Frequency Music
Listen to Music that inspires you!
Music May 07

Try these music selections as a means of assisting your spirit to move to a higher frequency and vibration.

Westlife: The Complete Story ~~Since their launch in 1998 Westlife (Kian, Shane, Nicky and Mark from Ireland) have become a total cultural phenomenon. Their song "Flying without Wings" is my favorite so far. If you want to purchase this DVD album you will have to do so through as I could not find it anywhere else. It is amazing and uplifting. You can find more out about the group by going to

Ashana Lobody's - All is Forgiven ~~ this new CD from Ashana, is a luminous tapestry of soaring angelic vocals, haunting original melodies and the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls. This stunningly beautiful alchemy calms and quiets the mind, returning you to a place of deep stillness and remembrance of the Divine... a place where you will be inspired and uplifted ... a place of comfort and peace. Available from the Shaman's Store.

Declan Galbraith ~ Thank You!This amazing young man (14 years old) is an absolute delight to listen to. The favorite of this album, a must listen to, is "An Angel". You won't be able to replay it enough. You can find this on but it would probably be easier to go to and it may be cheaper. For more information about Declan go to

Noteworthy Events

May 31: Full Moon in Sagittarius 6:04 PM PDT

May 18-20, 2007:Oscar Miro-Quesada: SERPENT DREAMS and SPIRAL SCHEMES:The Living, Sacred Design of the Undulating Cosmos Contact: Denise Bigelow at 248-879-8106 or Mary Nolfo at 734-751-4055

May 19-20: Anneliese Hagemann ~ Sharing the Inner Art of Dowsing Concept for Healing Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul at The Aquarian Garden Holistic Wellness Center, New Lisbon, WI. To Register Call (608) 562-5433. For more information about events with Anneliese go to:

June 3-8: Undoing~ Awakening to the Divine Ordinary with Renee Baribeau, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Teresa Venenzuela & Sonny Baba at Black Tail Ranch in Wolf Creek, Montana. For more information:

June 7-10: Real Speaking with Gail Larsen, Santa Fe, New Mexico. For more information:

July 22-July 25, 2007: K'uychi's Revelation: Celebrating our Destiny as the Prophesied Rainbow Tribe Summary: The Heart of The Healer (THOTH) Foundation 7th Annual International Gathering. Sacred Valley of the Inkas (Pisaq), Cusco, Peru. Open to all people interested in cross-cultural shamanism and indigenous earth-honoring traditions. Website: Contact: Laurie Friedler at or call 877-314-3778.

June 4-9: Elizabeth Jenkins in Holland. Workshop levels 1-3. For course curriculum, see Workshops. For other information or to sign up, see or contact

June 12-17: Elizabeth Jenkins in Austria. Workshop levels 1-3. For course curriculum, see Workshops. For information and signing up:

June 20-24: Elizabeth Jenkins in Sweden. International conference for paqos and organizers. For more information, see (info in English, Spanish and Italian). Contact:

June 25: Elizabeth Jenkins and Juan Nunez del Prado in Sweden. Master class for advanced students. More information: e-mail

June 27-July 2: Elizabeth Jenkins in Sweden. Workshop levels 1-3. For course curriculum, see Workshops. For information and signing up:

July 4-9: Elizabeth Jenkins in Germany. Workshop levels 1-3. For course curriculum, see Workshops. For information and signing up:

October 18-19: Anneliese Hagemann ~ Core Issue Class " TO OUR HEALTH" and Defining Your "Life's Path / Soul Mission" Class at Peaceful Meadow Retreat,Boulder, CO 303-442-2490 For detailed description of classes and workbooks go to classes and sponsors.

An Invitation
From Around the World: Connections to Community

This column will be dedicated to the community and its members. It is a space that will gives you the reader an opportunity to get to know other members of our community and to be known yourself. If you would like to be featured or know someone who would like to be please send a short article about what you do and a picture if possible. Please send your article in my the last day of the month. It may not be possible to publish all that is submitted but we will do our best. Also, if you have events that you would like to have highlighted please send them in by the last day of the month.

I am grateful for each one of you and the contribution that each of us makes each day that we are the best we can be. May we all be lights that bring peace, joy, laughter, beauty, love, and hope to our world.

Love & Blessings

Stevi Belle
SacredNature, LLC

Phone: 435-649-6435