Kuba Cloth ... Playing with Geometry

Kuba cloth, the magnificent embroidered and applique fabric of the Kuba people, is the best-known example of the ancient African tradition of raffia cloth weaving. The basic unit of Kuba weaving is the undecorated square of plain raffia cloth, the mbal, woven by men on an upright single-heddle loom. Although men sometimes decorate the cloth they weave, only women produce the most laborious and prestigious type of cloth decoration, cut pile embroidery. It takes about a month of regular work for a woman to complete a small square of Kuba embroidery using a laborious technique that includes dying, detailed needlework and clipping individual tufts.

This is a wonderful cloth to use for divination, decoration, or a placemat. You can view a larger image by clicking on the cloth image.

Kuba Cloth
25” x 20.5”
(size does not include w/o fringe)

Kuba Cloth
17.5” x 20”
Kuba Cloth
14.5” x 19”

Kuba Cloth
17” x 19”
$90.00 - SOLD
Kuba Cloth
17” x 19” Price: