Huayruros Necklaces...

The Huayruros seeds are a natural seed from Peru. In the Amazon basin these seeds have long been used in ceremony and in jewelry. The vivid red and black seeds are from Peru,gathered after they fall to the floor of the Amazon rain forest. The all red seeds (O.macrocalyx/Hurayruro hembra) are considered feminine and the red and black seeds O. amazonicas/Huayruro macho) represent the masculine. Properties Curativas and Espirituales The Huayruro has been considered from the time of the Incas like a seed of the good luck and the wealth. It is recommended to always carry a seed of huayruro to attract the good luck and to avoid the negative energies. You may view a larger image by clicking on the necklaces.

Red seeds with black seeds

Red seeds with black seeds
17.5” long (including closure)